Performing English language theatre in Geneva, Switzerland since 1933

The Geneva English Drama Society provides a diverse theatre programme with a wide variety of styles and periods. A typical season includes 3-4 full stage productions and 20 fortnightly staged playreadings, plus workshops and social events. The play readings normally attract 50-100 people, and provide onstage roles for both experienced and aspiring actors.

Past Productions    

'Allo 'Allo!
Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft
Performed by The EDGE
Directed by Ted Talbot
assisted by Jenny Buffle
and Beverley Rousset

Collège des Coudriers
Avenue de Joli Mont
Petit-Saconnex, Geneva
30-31 March 2007


Fringe Photos

René Artois (café proprietor)
- Roland Nathaniel
Edith Melba Artois (his musical wife)
- Gabriella Docherty
Yvette Carte-Blanche (waitress in René's café)
- Nicola Matthews
Mimi La Bonque (waitress in René's café)
- Leila Goovaerts
Michelle du Bois (of the Resistance)
- Caylee Dyer
Louise de Guisé (of the Resistance)
- Emily van Zoonen
Captain Crabtree (British agent)
- Peter Barrow
Colonel Kurt von Ströhm (German commandant)
- Alexander Docherty
General Dietrich von Schmelling (aus Berlin)
- Dieter Heye
Lt. Heidi Gruber (of the Panzers)
- Anne-Laurien van Zoonen
Herr Otto Flick (of the Gestapo)
- Shunta Igarashi
Pt. Helga Geerhart (his left-hand woman)
- Claire Seely
Capitano Valerio Bertorelli (Italian war hero)
- Alex Salvi
Madame Jacqueline (a regular at the cafe)
- Josianne Galea
British airmen
- Simon Holley
- David Wark
- Mike Azkoul



update 19 Apil 2007


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