Performing English language theatre in Geneva, Switzerland since 1933

The Geneva English Drama Society provides a diverse theatre programme with a wide variety of styles and periods. A typical season includes 3-4 full stage productions and 20 fortnightly staged playreadings, plus workshops and social events. The play readings normally attract 50-100 people, and provide onstage roles for both experienced and aspiring actors.


The Geneva English Drama Society hosted FEATS 2011 on 10-13 June at Forum Meyrin. GEDS previously hosted FEATS 1999

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FEATS was supported by:
- La Fondation Meyrinoise pour la Promotion Culturelle, Sportive et Sociale
- Ville et Canton de Genève
- Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Bern
- Banque Sarasin
- Credit Suisse
- Mandarin Oriental Hotel
- Nespresso SA

What is FEATS?
2011 Competing Groups
The FEATS Fringe

The 2011 Organizing Committee
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What is FEATS?
FEATS is a showcase of English language amateur theatre in Europe. It takes place annually over the four days of Whitsun at a different European city each year. FEATS originated in 1976. Some 25 continental European Drama Groups are associated with FEATS and invited to attend. Each year 12 of these are selected (on a rotational basis) to perform in the festival. FEATS has previously been held in Antwerp, Bad Homburg, Brussels, Geneva, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Rotterdam, Stockholm and The Hague. Critics have found FEATS to be among the best organized and highest quality theatre festivals anywhere.

The four-day festival sees 12 groups performing three one-act plays (50-minutes in length) each evening in a spirit of friendly competition. Each evening the professional adjudicator Tony Rushforth will provide a public critique of what he has seen and, after the last play of the festival, awards various prizes, including best production, actor, actress, etc. There are also workshops and social activities which mean that everyone can be involved in some form of theatrical activity throughout the four days and nights. The festival provides a forum for learning and enables theatre lovers from all over Europe to meet and discuss new ideas. It is a truly international cultural event.

Here is more information about our adjudicator Tony Rushforth.

The festival is affiliated to the UK National Drama Festival Association and the winner of FEATS 2011 is eligible to be invited to the "UK All Winners" event.

2011 Competing Groups

FRIDAY 10 June  
NWTC Luxembourg
The Devil His Due by Seamus Fail
The Village Players, Lausanne, Switzerland Alternative Accommodation by Pam Valentine
Anglophone Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart (ACTS), Germany
Quaerenda Est Veritus by Stuart Marlow (Original Script)
SATURDAY 11 June  
Tagora, Strasbourg, France
The Bear by Brian Friel (after Anton Chekhov)
British American Theatrical Society (BATS), Antwerp, Belgium Cards by Stephen Lowe
ESOC Theatre Group, Darmstadt, Germany
Revenge (Die Rache) by Curt Goetz
SUNDAY 12 June  
Het Homerostheater, The Hague, Netherlands
The Importance of Being Earnest (excerpt) by Oscar Wilde
Hamburg Players, Germany
Babel’s In Arms by David Ives
Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre (FEST), Germany
A Time for Farewells by Damian Trasler
MONDAY 13 June  
The Stockholm Players, Sweden
A Confession (adaptation of a short story) by Algernon Blackwood
The Bonn Players, Germany
Virtual Reality by Alan Arkin
Semi-Circle, Basel, Switzerland
Death of a Clown by Paul Beard



The FEATS Fringe
The idea of FEATS isn't simply to watch various groups compete on stage. The FEATS Fringe provides an opportunity for more groups to show their originality without the formal constraints of the main festival. The Fringe runs from 10:30 to 17:00 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Performances are open to the public. Entrance is free, no tickets are needed. Who is performing?

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